SBC Group is a leading financial investment company focusing on cryptocurrency trading, mining, forex trading ,consulting, educating and analyzing. 

It is first established under the SBC Trading Company umbrella headquartered in Texas, United States. Over the past 2 years, SBC group has grown from a small cryptocurrency trading community into a large-scale enterprise focusing on building a healthy and advanced cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

Our ultimate goal is to empower both traders and miners with end-to-end products and services that enlarge the cryptocurrency future vision – Changing the way transactions are made. 

Group companies include: 

• SBC Trading Company 
• SBC Mining Company 
• SBC Consulting Company
• SBC Academy
• SBC Laboratory (R&D Center) Long-term vision 
• Become a major exchange platform for altcoins 
• Build the next big wave of altcoins
• Disrupt the genesis of altcoins 
• Transform digital currency from non-physical to physical
• Provide beneficial form of trading and mining without large investment
• Create a community payment system for customer needs
• Establish a ground-breaking Research and Development for continuous invention